Simplifying Business Operations by Integrating Digital Experience
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web scraping
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About Challenger Insight

Challenger is the best web scraping service provider in India. Our company aims to integrate digital products and innovation to take enterprises to the next level. We’ve been in the outsourcing sector for more than a decade, assisting companies with their move into business operations. It necessitates a strategic strategy centred on people and the company’s journey.
Our professional scrapers envision things in new ways and thus help you to get meaningful and well-structured data. Hundreds of opportunities are opened up as a result of our great consumer experience as well as data delivery via Business Transformation techniques, Digital Experience, as well as Knowledge Consulting. Future technology and upskilling will play a significant part in this. As a result, we concentrate on integrating these aspects into corporate lives in order to improve your company’s performance.

Transforming Global Business with Quality Data and Bespoke Strategies

web scraping

Strategy 1

The world is full of change. We’ve come to plan for the future. These are all adaptable and effective enough to change industries, businesses, processes, and workflows. Whatever business remodelling we do, it is in line with your company’s and market trends. We are the best Web scraping service provider in India.

Strategy 2

Every step of the way, from concept to implementation, is focused on making your corporate lives better. We push ourselves to new heights, transforming a good encounter into something extraordinary. We have a lot of features to turn an ordinary solution into an outstanding service: innovation, value-adding, personalization, professionalism, automation, and so on. Challenger offers the high-rated web scraping solution to scrape voluminous amounts of data from websites and applications and efficiently transform them into productive insights.
web scraping
web scraping

Strategy 3

By integrating people and disruptive technologies, we outperform in terms of performance and efficiency. Our data scraping team saves time by investing in next-generation technology such as web scraping using python or data scraping API  allowing them to achieve predetermined goals more quickly. It is necessary to concentrate on the high quality, efficiency, and unrestricted support that we provide
Our company works with brands all across the world to help them improve. We can help you make your clients happy with a variety of customised options. Every pain spot is treated as a touch point, and we cover all of the necessary aspects that you have requested. Our main concern is challenging norms that prevent us from reaching our goals. It guarantees on-time delivery and improved results. All of this is fueled by good changes and activities that make people’s lives better, easier, and happier.
web scraping

Sometime the world seem so Perfact, But it isn't All you Need is Just a Missing Piece

For more than a decade, we’ve been identifying distinctiveness in order to adapt to the digital age. We offer a unique and practical digital experience that creates a simple path to corporate transformation. It is backed up with exceptional knowledge consultancy, artificial intelligence and data science, websites and app solutions, as well as transitioning technologies and support services. All of these provide genuine value to brands, assisting them in gaining a competitive advantage.
For national and international customers, we have a shared goal: to maximise the value of their brands.

Our Mission

To be a forerunner in achieving client satisfaction and loyalty by unimaginative creativity, superlative abilities, inventions, and endless values.

Our Vision

By delivering creative and delightful services in a collaborating culture with employees, our vision is to become #1 nationally as well as internationally and become the most preferred partner in web scraping and process outsourcing.

Why Challenger?

Challenger have made Web scraping easy.
Challenger’s offer you with the best Web and Data scraping solutions to convert websites pages, documents and PDFs into structured information. 
web scraping

One Solution for Every Need

Web and Data scraping

Convert thousand of web pages and millions of unstructured data into meaningful 

Real estate data

Scape Millions of real estate info like Agents, listing, property price in seconds with challenger’s real estate scraping. 

Entertainment OTT and Streaming Data

With our instant data scraper, extracts data from various entertainment sites like Netflix, Amazon, HBO etc. 

Job Posting Data

Aggregating job search or finding the best candidate for your business all can be done in one click with our web scraping service and custom made web scraper. 

Product and Review Data

One stop solution to scrap various e-commerce websites for product reviews, products availability, trending brands and products with our e-commerce web scrapers. 

API Data scraping

Use our API Data scraping tools and services to extract and analyse real-time data at an affordable price.