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What is API Data Scraping?

In web scraping, a scraper API is quite useful. Web scraping is a technique for extracting information from webpages. It aids in the discovery and utilisation of information from internet sources, which is useful for corporate market research, lead creation, competitive analysis, and a variety of other purposes.
Fortunately, we now offer web scraping APIs that do the heavy lifting for you—the perfect intermediaries between you and the juicy web data! You’ll only need to incorporate the APIs into your application rather than creating your own web scraping mechanism. Challenger provides a web scraper API to scrape data from websites . This can run programmatically through API or in user interface manually.
Api Data Scraping
Api Data Scraping

Why do some websites have their own API?

Some websites or applications have their own API. This is especially for data-distribution applications or websites, as an API is the ideal way to convey data to other software products
Wikipedia, for example, has an API since its goal is to provide information to anyone who is interested. Once developers understand how the API works, they may use it to extract the data they need, either as a file to save or as data to feed into other programs
So, as long as a website offers API scraping that you can use, you can get data quickly and easily.

What is API Data Scraping?

Our custom made API collects HTML from any webpages and provides ready-to-use data.
Our AI-powered data extraction API gives you instant access to online data. Return high-quality data in a timely and systematic manner. It’s never been easier to bring on additional suppliers. Validate new websites using the user-friendly interface.
  • HTTP API that is easy to use

  • The extraction of ten different data types is done automatically.

  • Adaptable to website updates

  • Scale is unbounded.

  • Antiban management is available in more than 40 languages.

  • Quick answers and high-quality data

web scraping

Process: API to scrape data from website

Step 1- Requirements

Tell us your data requirements and website to targets.

Step 2- Build

Considering every aspect, we create a custom web scraper API that will locate and extract data automatically from web pages.

Step 3-Use

Open the data portal on the browser to access the data seamlessly.

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web scraping

API scraping

The website’s query language is needed to access an API. If you utilise APIs, you need to know JSON, as most websites use it in their APIs.  Our APIs deliver raw data due to enormous volumes of data and varied goals. Before using the data, you must convert it to CVS or SQL. The website’s official tools don’t require proxy servers or IP address blocking. If you’re worried about ethically scraping data, APIs only offer you access to the data that the owner actually wants.


With API web scraping services provided by Challenger Insight, you may avoid the difficulty of having your access to data restricted at any scale. Easy extraction of the data is what you require to move your company ahead successfully. We create the best web scraper api with cutting-edge technology that not only solves all of the issues that are associated with online scraping but also ensures that the extracted HTML is of the highest quality from any websites.

Frequently Asked Questions

A web scraping API is a piece of software that can retrieve data from URLs by making an API request. It does this by establishing a connection between the user’s computer and the web server, which enables access to the server and the exchange of data. Contact us today to build your web scraper API to extract data from websites of your need.

With Challenger Insight’s API scraping service data can be scraped in much the same way as any other website. Using the Chrome add-on is the same as usual; the only difference is in how we’ll analyse the web response and make an agent.

As the majority of online API responses are in JSON or XML format rather than HTML, we can utilise either our REGEX parser or JSON path to extract data using web scraper APIs. Below are some ways how to access data using web scraper API:

  • Using REGEX for Scraping JSON API
  • Using JSONPath for Scraping JSON API

Using REGEX for Scraping XML

In the case of web scraping, a dependency on proxy servers is required, whereas scraping API does not necessitate such a requirement. The data that was scraped from the website can be neatly organised into a structured style thanks to the web scraping tool. On the other hand, to make use of the data collected with the assistance of API scraping, a developer will need to do some programmed data organisation.

We can implement both Web scraping and API to scrape data from websites. Using web scraping software, information may be gathered from virtually any online resource. Whereas, APIs allow for unfettered access to whatever data you could need. Hence, you may run into a situation where you either can’t discover a web scraper API to access the data you need or where doing so would be prohibitively difficult or expensive. As long as the information is published online, web scraping can be used to obtain it.

Web scraping lets you acquire data from several websites, unlike API data scraping, which can only pull data from one website. Also, an API lets you access only the developer’s specific functionalities. Call us to know more about web scraper API.

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